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'Valista' marketing platform help Clients reach global growth, acquire valuable users and monetize inventory.

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Valista is an intelligent mobile performance advertising platform designed to help mobile technology companies reach global growth, We cover the globe with efficient and varied web and mobile channels.

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differentiated performance marketing.

At Valista Comma we are committed to deliver what our advertisers and marketers need.

Speed Performance

real-time report(back office)

Trustworthy and transparent campaign delivery and reporting.

Speed Performance

big data processing

Uses its own IDC and cloud servers that can respond optimally to a lot of traffic and high clicks

Speed Performance

Global Network Campaign

It's a platform that can be used by anyone in the world, and anyone who has apps can make a profit.

Speed Performance

Fraud Protection

Automatic Fraud control Duplicate IP/KPI/RR control, sub-publisher id's controls etc Integrated with Fraud score and other fraud tools

Speed Performance

High Revenue

Valista run various campaigns such as shopping, games and utilities with high profits.

Speed Performance

Media BuyingSolution

provides a data-driven programmatic media buying solutions that help navigate the world of the digital advertising.

Most Optimized Performance Marketing Platform

Open transparent admin to deliver trusted data

Specializing in user acquisition and monetization, valista served hundreds of advertisers and agencies with our premium traffic covering 21 countries. Connecting to 150M+ monthly devices, valista can run campaign with positive-ROI via our own AI technology and DMP.

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Performance on Laptop

Top Performance

Valista has high performance base, all structure are focusing on performance as main point. Valista's speed optimization is super fast compared to other platform.

All markets and OS support

Valista run campaigns in various markets such as Android, iPhone, and OneStore, galaxy store
Connection with top monetization players available on the market for maximizing your impression value and revenues.

Performance on Mobile
Performance on Tablet
  • NCPI
  • NCPA

We have conducted various campaigns with good efficiency and data.

25,000+ Various campaigns conducted

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App Analytics, Tracking

ANALYTICS 3rd party

Valista is linked to most platform companies that provide app tracking services such as ADBRIX, ADJUST, and APPSFLYER. You can easily select a channel company and proceed with marketing.

Contact your Valista manager for channel links.

Professional Support

Please join us in marketing the app.

Your choice will be the best.

1:1 manager in charge - You can run the campaign comfortably with a friendly and talented manager.

Support API / S2S interworking - Support API and S2S interworking.

Revenue boost -High fee payment and quick settlement date.

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